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Cat got your tongue, Doctor? //Not even sorry. I had to.//


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In vivid fucking detail. If I’m too embarrassed to post it, you win. But you won’t.

I’m really bored guys okay :L

This I gotta see.

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Sunshine Andrew.

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The Tempest Rises

Part four- Opening Move: Black Knight to C6

"Unavoidable?" Jim queried, giving an ever so slight pout. "I would almost assume you didn’t enjoy with it worded that way." He heaved a melodramatic sigh and pulled himself to sit up on top of the desk. "Because if that’s the case, I’ll have my boys drug you and I can return you to drinking yourself stupid and we can pretend this conversation never happened." He crossed his ankles and swung his legs a bit. If there wasn’t crazy practically leaking from his pores, the man would almost have looked childish in his actions. He shook his head and gave an exasperated look at the ground, “but that would be so boring!” The volume of his voice raised at the last word and he slammed his hands down on the top of the desk at his sides. His eyes shot back towards Sebastian, all of the manic, amused glee gone from his face and he now looked serious and there was something much darker in his eyes now.

"I’ll cut the playing around short because I can tell you’re stubborn and it’s not good for anyone when Daddy gets bored." Jim slid off of the desk and began walking around the chair Sebastian was restrained in like a tiger trapped in a cage, full of pent up frustrations. "I get bored, so I cause trouble. I am trouble. People pay me good money to get rid of their problems or cause them. One of my previous pets proved disloyal and I had to get rid of him.” The tone of his voice allowed it to be assumed that being fired was the least of his previous sniper’s problems.  ”I’m looking for someone who will do my dirty work. I take care of the details, at the end of the day, you get handed a file and cleanly take care of whoever your target is without question.” He stopped his steps right behind Sebastian and leaned in to whisper in his ear in a dark and threatening tone, “I don’t like liars, I don’t like cheaters. If you follow my every whim and command I can make you rich and powerful beyond your imaginings, Moran. If you don’t, well…I don’t take kindly towards disobedience in my pets…” 

He slowly straightened back up and walked back around to lean against his desk, eyeing Sebastian to pick up every little detail and give away he could. “What do you say?” If someone were listening to his tone of voice alone, it would have sounded a simple question of Seb’s honest opinion on the job. But as he asked, the criminal leaned over and plucked a butterfly knife off his desk. He flicked the blade open and admired it with something close to adoration then let his eyes linger over Sebastian in every spot he could easily sink the knife into with little difficulty. It was an unspoken threat.

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On Baiting the Trap

~In reply to: On Waking Up to the Devil - Crackshotsandcigarettes ~


The time alone it took between Sebastian waking up and speaking was all the time Jim needed to decide whether he would really hire the blonde before him. The second consciousness began flooding back to Sebastian, he knew but allowed for the ruse to continue observing. Even if it appeared that his full and undivided attention was on his laptop, he hardly thought about what he was typing. No. Sebastian was proving worth his interest and effort so far. Waking up calm and with self-restraint and awareness had gone a long way in making an impression. Sure, Jim had noticed, but there was almost nothing that got past him. Anyone less observant would no doubt had been fooled. And it was much more interesting than the idiots that lashed out with idle threats and thought they could bargain their way out. They were ordinary and noisy, not worth his time.

Jim gave a lilting chuckle and clicked his laptop shut as Sebastian spoke. “Oh, you’re going to be fun.” He leaned back in his chair and looked amused and positively unhinged all at once. There was something manic and dangerous in his eyes, the possibilities of what Sebastian would be doing flashing through his mind in quick succession. “As wonderful as you look bound up, Moran, I’ve brought you here on business.” Build looked an impressive combination of strong and athletic, ideal. Already showed a worthwhile amount of discipline. Clearly had the ability to think tactically between the military reports and reaction upon coming to. And if the information given to him on Sebastian’s shooting skills was correct, well, Jim greedily wanted to ensnare the sniper in his web. 

Slowly and gracefully, he rose from his chair and moved around the desk between the two men. Even if Jim’s stature alone was not worth noting, he carried himself like a king or some fierce predator and it more than made up for his lack of height and build. “I’m in the market for a very particular skill set, Colonel.” he pointedly used the previous title. He paused and picked at a fictional piece of lint on his suit as he leaned against the desk just in front of Sebastian. He looked up and the smirk on his lips was positively impish, eyes looking so positive and sure as if hiding behind them was some secret knowledge. “See, I hate to get my hands dirty. But yours, oh, yours have seen some terrible things. Haven’t they?” Ordinary, boring people should have been appalled or at least bothered to pretend to be bothered by the blood that surely was on Sebastian’s hands. Jim looked nothing short of pleased at the idea.

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The Tiger Meets the Spider - crackshotsandcigarettes

Moriarty. A name with heavy weight in the underworld that many were hesitant to so much as utter. A spider at the center of a web larger than many could comprehend. A spider at the center of a web that had the power to accomplish anything if the price was right. And now a spider in need to repair a piece of his empire. Any signs of disloyalty were dealt with ruthlessly and Jim Moriarty had to replace one of his gunmen who had been ‘fired.’ Part of having such an extensive web allowed for a pick of the best employees the world could offer. With a snap of his fingers, Jim could have any of these men in his clutches for an ‘interview.’ And late in the evening on this night is precisely what the Irishman’s plans consisted of. 

Jim sat behind his desk tapping furiously at his laptop not bothering to even think about the unconscious figure before him. Several of his men had brought the man before him. One Sebastian Moran. Ex-colonel, dishonourably discharged but with a record of being one of the best shots to come out of the military. The accumulated notes were enough to catch his attention. Sebastian had been drugged and brought to Jim’s office and was restrained in the chair. There was still business to be done as he waited impatiently for the ex-colonel to come out of the drug induced haze. Crime never stopped and never slept, and seemingly the criminal did not either. Being bored was unbearable for Jim, more unbearable than anything else in the world and mischief was the only thing that kept it at bay. His impossibly dark eyes glanced up momentarily from the screen and a slow, manic grin spread over Jim’s lips. A new toy. The few people who worked directly with him feared him. He was like a spoiled child with his toys. Played and pushed until they broke and when he got bored with them, he got rid of them. He wondered how long Sebastian would last before Jim broke him, how much he could push and shove until Sebastian was like all the others. Terrified of him and many praying for as little time interacting with the utterly unpredictable Irishman as possible.

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Reblog if it’s OK to randomly come up and plot with you.

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Serial Killer by Lana Del Rey on Grooveshark

Baby,I’m a sociopath
Sweet serial killer
I’m on the warpath
‘cause I love you just a little too much

I love you just a little too much

Tobie as Jim Moriarty
Zhelly as Sebastian Moran
Photo by Katie

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//So, I just started this roleplay blog. If anyone needs a Jim to their Sebastian or Sherlock or, hell, anyone else for that matter send me an ask and let’s have some fun.//

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